Who we are

Zanolele is a family-run documentary production company, run by Zanele and Ole Bosch.

Zanele has always liked words and visuals. She has written and performed poetry and has studied photography and wildlife film making.

Ole has a passion for shapes, forms and visuals. He is an avid graphic designer and editor whose artistry is inspired by artists such as M.C. Escher.

What we do

We film & produce documentaries and promotional materials for clients who’s stories inspire a positive change. We also offer story development and editing as stand alone services.

As a team Ole and Zanele work in their respective parts of the whole with Zanele mostly focusses on the story development, co-porducing and co-directing with Ole, who also edits and does camera work.

We like to collaborate with fresh minds on our projects and therefore enjoy to work together with other filmakers when needed.

How we do it

Zanolele Inspiritual Creations produces film documentaries with the aim to capture stories, moments and events that inspire positive change.

Our creations have at the core simplicity, integrity and harmony enfolded in stories that bring attention to occurrences that have an impact on all beings.

With only two years in the field we have already been part of producing a variety of documentary films such as ‘Farm to Pharmacy’ and ‘Voices in Harmony’